South Sudanese Clean Water Project

A member of Lincoln Heights Lutheran volunteered for the first trip in 2017 and another member is hoping to go on this second trip. Read the details below from Kingdom Workers and prayerfully consider a gift towards this ministry.

-Pastor Pfeifer

WELS Kingdom Workers is organizing a second trip to the refugee camps in Ethiopia to bring clean water and build bridges to share the good news of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, to the South Sudanese refugees.

In 2017, Kingdom Workers sent a team of seven volunteers to Gambella after they underwent extensive WASH training (Water, Sanitation, and Hygenie) in Omaha, Nebraska. The seven volunteers are former refugees from South Sudan themselves, now settled in North America. While in Gambella, the seven volunteers trained a team of twenty-two South Sudanese refugees to be health educators for their churches and communities.

A new well completed at the Lutheran Ministry Center in Gambella is now a manageable walk from the refugee camp and is a clean and consistent water source. 

While providing for physical needs in the camp, our volunteers also introduced many refugees to their Lord and Savior. 

Our goal is to send a second team of five South Sudanese volunteers to Gambella in April after another intensive training session. These volunteers will conduct individual and congregational visits to check on progress made since last year's trip. The cost to complete this 2018 project will be $26,000.

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or contact Kingdom Workers at 414-771-6848.